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    I see so much Disney Couture that I love I want all of it!
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    Every time I go, I have to get some chocolate fudge.
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    I lived by these videos!

    Sorry for not posting! I’m a bad person!

    Very sorry for not posting anything recently but glad people are still reblogging pictures! It is great to see your comments about things.

    I have been rather busy lately and had no time to make any graphics or come up with any little disney things. If anyone has any suggestions of things they love about disney let me know. Or any catergory of stuff that you’d like to see on JLDT just let me know in the suggestions.

    Will try and come up with some more soon, and I’ll try and get some of my photos from my trip up as well! :)

    Have a Magical Day

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    Sorry for the lack of updates recently :\

    I am trying to think of Disney things but because I haven’t been in 2 years I am lacking good enough memories! I am also trying to find good enough photos for the ones I have written down to make. If anyone has any suggestions they are welcome, just click the suggestions tab on the left. 

    I am off to Disney World for 2 weeks at the end of August/beginning of September so I will post some pictures that I take when I’m there. I’ll instagram and try and tweet too! Will post details about those closer to the time. And I will get some more inspiration for little disney things. Thank you to all my followers so far! :)

    Bye Guys

    Have a Magical Day!

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    Reblog this post! I need to find more Disney blogs! Including Disneyland and Disney World blogs, Disney animation blogs, and anyone who reblogs Disney related things! I will follow whoever reblogs! Thank you :)

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